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Imperial Legacies.jpeg

in situ

Nien Schwarz rare Craft Unknown 2020 silk clay mod.jpeg

Rare Craft

Nien Dialogue Radicle reading label mod.jpg

Dialogues with Landscapes

Nien Over my Woman writing to Vermeer 2 mod.jpeg

Over my Shoulder

Screenshot 2023-01-01 at 10.07.01 PM.png

Promised Land

Nien Backbone Rotterdam 122 shirts mod .jpeg

Backbone 2 & 3

We Must Get Together Some Time 1 mod.jpeg

we must get together

Nien Canopy Hot world buffet image mod.jpeg

Canopy: Into the Forest

Nien_Earth Matters Moments_and_matter mod.jpeg

Earth Matters

Nien_transpose_swim mod.jpeg

Transpose project

Nien Beyond Familiar Legend upper mod.jpeg

Beyond Familiar Territory

Nien Studio_wheat_FAC mod.jpeg


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